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About Khyber

Khyber TV is a Pashto-language television channel that operates in Pakistan. Khyber TV live is owned and operated by Khyber Media Corporation, which is based in Islamabad. It was launched on 1, July 2004. The channel is available via satellite and cable television providers throughout Pakistan, as well as in Afghanistan and other parts of the world with large Pashtun populations.

Khyber TV features some popular talk shows, including “Khyber Watch” and “Khyber Show,” which cover a range of topics, including politics, culture, and entertainment. The channel also broadcasts dramas and other entertainment programming, such as music shows, that are popular with Pashtun audiences.

Khyber TV provides 24/7 coverage, as well as a variety of other programming, including talk shows, documentaries, dramas, and music shows. Its news coverage focuses on local, national, and international news, with a particular emphasis on events and issues that are of interest to Pashtun viewers. The channel is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of political and social issues affecting Pashtuns.

Khyber TV live airs several programs and dramas, such as Khyber Sahar, Ahang-e-Afghan, Jawand Rung, Da Nagmo, Shor Shapay Pasay, Sahar Drama, and Kor Oar Rough Sehat, Khwakhay Ingor Marhaba Bikum, Poha, Sheeno Meeno Show. These programs cater to a diverse audience and showcase various aspects of Pashtun culture and entertainment.

Khyber TV live has a strong online presence with its website and social media accounts, providing viewers with the convenience of accessing their favorite shows and programs anytime, anywhere. Khayber TV also offers a mobile application that allows viewers to stream programs on their smartphones and tablets, giving them even more flexibility and convenience in accessing content.

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