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News One is a prominent Urdu-language news channel in Pakistan that is headquartered in Karachi. Since its launch in 2007, News One live has established itself as a trusted source of news and information for millions of viewers across Pakistan. Air Waves Media is the owner of News One. News One provides live streaming of its TV channel online.

News One live covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and current affairs. On News One, there are different programs such as Rah-e-Hidayat, Shatranj, Sports1, G For Gharida Farooqi, Weekend With Hina, Wake Up Pakistan, and Right Angle, covering a variety of topics from sports to current affairs. These programs are hosted by some of the most well-known and respected personalities in Pakistan’s media industry, who bring their expertise and insights to the discussions.

News One live offers a unique Ramazan transmission that caters to the spiritual needs of its viewers during the holy month. The transmission features special programs, discussions, and religious content that help audiences connect with their faith and observe the practices of Ramazan. It is a popular feature of the channel, and many viewers look forward to it each year.

News One live stands out for its exceptional team of skilled journalists and analysts who offer insightful commentary and analysis on the latest happenings and current affairs. The channel’s team includes some of the most respected journalists and analysts in Pakistan, who are known for their in-depth knowledge and insight.

One of the key strengths of News One is its commitment to accuracy and impartiality. The channel adheres to strict journalistic standards and ethics and is known for its objective and unbiased reporting. This has helped the channel build a loyal following of viewers who trust it to provide them with reliable and trustworthy news and information.

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