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Are you expecting a baby and on the hunt for the perfect Name? Look no further! With over 80,000+ baby names for boys and girls, You're in the right place! Find the ideal and Unique Name in Urdu and English with meaning for your newborn Baby.

Choosing a name for your baby or Bacho ke name (کا نام) is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks for parents-to-be. It's a decision that will stay with your child for life, time shaping their identity and leaving a lasting impression.

The Name is the lifetime identity for every person in all societies. The baby name with meaning has extensive choices in all languages and religions. Parents, brothers, or sisters can review our webpage for the latest Baby Names with Meanings in Urdu & English. You can search here for Baby names for different religions, including Muslim Names, Hindu Names, Christian Names and all other relevant details.

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Choose The Perfect Baby Name With Urdu & English Meanings

Choosing a baby's Name requires careful consideration because a name is more than just a way to identify someone. It can affect how others see your child and even how confident they feel as they get older. The Baby Boys names & Baby Girl names have a unique impact on shaping the child's personality.

The parents find those names that sound nice to hear and have a good meaning as well. The Muslims are conscious about the meaning of Baby name because it should be according to the Islam and it is effect on the personality.

When a new baby is born, the parents are very excited about naming their children. They have a desire to select a unique name that sounds nice and meaningful. Here, you will find all the latest, popular Baby names with proper meanings in Urdu & English. All Baby names are arranged alphabetically and receptive to the religions.

On our webpage, you will get unique, latest Baby names with proper details like meanings in Urdu and English language, lucky gemstones, lucky days, & origin. The collection of Baby names is available on Lahorimela.com. You will find here the modern & Classic Muslim names for your baby boy or girl.

Muslim baby boys' Names like Muhammad, Ali, and Ahmed are timeless classics that hold deep cultural significance in many religions. Muslim baby girl names like Maryam and Fatima have a traditional and sophisticated feel. The parents who want a timeless and beautiful name for their daughters can select these Muslim names.

Finding Christian, Hindu, and Muslim baby girl names and meanings is not a problem nowadays. You can easily find the unique baby girl names here with accurate zodiac signs.

Baby Names with Meaning in Urdu

In Urdu-speaking communities, the baby names (بچو کے نام) are culturally important and connect to the region's literary. Urdu baby names are beautiful sounds and reflect the local language.

The Popular Baby names in Urdu for boys include Rehan, Zayan, and Arham. Meanwhile, for girls, names like Ayesha, Hira, and Zara are widely favourite. These names not only sound good but also carry meanings like kindness, intelligence, and grace.(مہربانی اور، ذہانت ,فضل)

Baby Names with Meaning in English

English baby names are famous worldwide and recognized by everyone, reciting their culture or location. English Baby names come from Greek origin and Hollywood celebrities, giving parents many options.

Classic baby girls names like William and Elizabeth and modern baby boy names like Jackson and Harper are widely favourite. Whether you prefer traditional elegance or contemporary flair, there's a name to suit every taste and temperament.