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AAJ News Tv channel was founded on 23 March 2005 and has since then become one of the most-watched news channels in Pakistan. AAJ News headquarters is based in Karachi, the channel has a vast network of correspondents spread across the country, providing round-the-clock coverage of national and international events. Aaj News Urdu is privately owned by The Business Recorder Television Network, a subsidiary of Business Recorder Group.

One of the key features of AAJ News is its commitment to impartial and unbiased reporting. Aaj news live channel recognizes the importance of providing accurate and balanced news to its audience, and its reporters and editors are trained to adhere to the highest standards of journalism. With the current state of media polarization, it’s more important than ever to have a news source that can be trusted to provide neutral and objective reporting.

AAJ News live tv online also makes it a point to keep its viewers updated with the latest developments, both locally and globally. With a 24/7 news cycle, the channel ensures that its viewers are never left in the dark about what’s happening in the world. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a political crisis, breaking news, sports, entertainment, or business, or a major event like an election, AAJ News live tv provides comprehensive coverage, keeping its viewers informed and up-to-date.

AAJ News has embraced new technologies and platforms to reach a wider audience, including an active presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, where it shares breaking news, updates, and analysis with its followers. Its website also provides an extensive archive of news articles and AJJ news live streaming videos, and other multimedia content, making it a valuable resource for those seeking in-depth information on a particular subject. The Daily AAJ newspaper is published simultaneously from Peshawar, Islamabad, and Abbottabad in Pakistan since 1989, and is written in the Urdu language.

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