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Abb Takk

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About Abb Takk

Abb Takk News is a Pakistani television news channel that provides 24-hour news coverage to its viewers. Abb Takk News live channel was launched in April 2013 and is owned by Apna Network. Abb Takk News headquarters is in Karachi. The channel’s tagline is “Abb Takk, Baat Karni Hai,” which translates to “Now is the time to speak up.”

Abb Takk News live has a strong team of journalists, anchors, and analysts who bring the latest news and analysis to its audience. The management team of Abb Takk News includes Mr. Saleem Ahmed as the CEO, Mr. Abdul Jabbar as the Group Editor, and Mr. Amir Ghauri as the Senior Executive Producer.

Abb Takk news live covers a wide range of topics including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and international news. The channel does have a particular focus on domestic politics and breaking news stories in Pakistan. Abb Takk News Urdu has several programs that are broadcasted on its channel, including “Rupiya Paisa with Ali Nasir”, “Tonight with Fareeha”, “Benaqaab”, and “Hazraat Khufia. These programs are known to cover a range of topics and feature discussions and debates on current affairs in Pakistan and beyond.

Abb Takk News has a strong online presence, with its website and social media platforms providing live streaming of its programs and news updates. Abb Takk Live Tv Online channel also has a mobile app that allows viewers to access its content on the go.

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