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Samaa TV is a 24-hour news channel that broadcasts news in the Urdu language from its headquarters in Karachi. Its inception in 2007. Samma TV is the fourth-largest news channel in Pakistan. The channel’s motto, “Sansani Nahi, Sirf Khabrein” (Not Sensationalism, Only News) reflects its commitment to providing news without any sensationalism. Samaa TV is owned by Jaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt.) Ltd, a media company in Pakistan. The company was founded by businessman Zafar Siddiqi, who is the Chairman and CEO of Samaa TV.

Samaa TV Live covers a wide range of news topics, including politics, business, entertainment, sports, and international news. Samaa News offers several popular programs, such as NadeemMalik Live, Red Line with Syed Talat Hussain, Naya Din, Do Tok with Kiran Naz, Super Over with Ahmed Ali Butt, Game Set Match with Sawera Pasha and Adeel Azhar, Meray Sawaal with Mansoor Ali Khan, Qutb Online, Pukaar with Muhammad Zohaib Saleem Butt, Black and White with Hassan Nisar, and Straight Talk with Ayesha Bakhsh. These programs provide in-depth analysis and discussion on various topics and often feature prominent guests and experts. Samaa news Urdu channel’s talk shows and current affairs programs are known for their objective and well-researched analysis.

Samma news live channel has a team of experienced and well-trained journalists who report from different parts of Pakistan and around the world. Samaa TV is known for its timely and accurate reporting, with its reporters often being the first to break news on important events. The channel features several popular anchors, including Nadeem Malik, Syed Talat Hussain, Ayesha Bakhsh, Kiran Naz, Sawera Pasha, Hassan Nisar, Bilal Qutub, and Muhammad Zohaib Saleem Butt.

One of the key features of Samaa TV is its use of modern technology to provide news in real-time. Samaa live channel has a state-of-the-art newsroom and studios and uses advanced technology to provide live coverage of events as they happen. This technology includes drones, mobile journalism, and social media integration, which allows the channel to provide viewers with a unique and immersive viewing experience. Samaa News has won numerous awards for its quality reporting and journalism. Samaa news live channel has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its contribution to the media industry. Samaa Live tv online channel has also played a significant role in promoting free and independent media in Pakistan. Samaa TV’s live streaming is available on various websites. Some of the popular websites that feature Samaa TV’s live stream include the official website of Samaa TV, YouTube.

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