Prize Bond 200 PKR Draw List 2023

200 PKR Prize Bond

The Prize Bond 200 PKR Draw List 2023 is a list of winners for the Prize Bond with a face value of 200 PKR (Pakistan Rupees). Prize Bonds are a type of investment in Pakistan where the holder of the bond is entered into a draw for various prizes. The Prize Bond 200 PKR Draw List 2023 contains the names of the lucky winners, along with the serial numbers of their bonds. The top prize for the Prize Bond 200 PKR can be substantial, ranging from several hundred thousand PKR to even millions of PKR. There are also several smaller prizes, ranging from a few thousand PKR to tens of thousands of PKR, that are awarded to other bondholders.

Next Draw 200 PKR
15th December 2023
10 Days Remaining

Prize Bond 200 Lists the 2023 Online Check

200 prize bond list 2023 online check and the list is provided by the 200 Prize Bond List 2023 online is a convenient and hassle-free way for investors to stay updated on their investment and potential winnings.

200 Prize Bond List Schedule 2023

The 200 prize bond list 2023 schedule is conducted on a regular basis, usually every three months.200 prize bond list 2023 is organized by the National Savings Organization of Pakistan. Investing in Prize Bonds, such as the Prize Bond 200 PKR, is a great way to potentially earn a good return on your investment, while also having a chance to win fantastic prizes. The Prize Bond draws are conducted in a fair and transparent manner, with the results being audited by a reputable auditing firm, to ensure that the winners are chosen based on merit.

Prize Bond 200 Lists 2023 Next Draw Date

The next draw date for the 200 Prize Bond List 2023 is yet to be officially announced. Investors can stay updated by regularly checking the official website of the National Savings Organization or by subscribing to updates from the organization. The draw dates for the 200 Prize Bond List in 2023 are as follows: Faisalabad on (March 15, 2023), Quetta on (June 15, 2023), Hyderabad on (September 15, 2023), and Multan on (December 15, 2023).

200 Prize Bond 2023 winners

  • 1st prize: 750,000 PKR
  • 2nd prize: 250,000 PKR / each (3)
  • 3rd prize: 1,250 PKR /each (2394)

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