Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan

The Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan refers to the exchange rates of various foreign currencies that are available for buying and selling in the open market. These rates are determined by the forces of supply and demand and are not set by any government authority or financial institution. This means that the rates can fluctuate frequently, based on various factors such as political and economic conditions, global market trends, and changes in monetary policies.

The Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan are influenced by several factors, including the demand for a particular currency, the supply of that currency in the market, and the prevailing economic conditions both domestically and globally. Additionally, the exchange rate is also affected by the monetary policy of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) which regulates the money supply in the country.

the Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan are also critical for individuals and businesses engaged in international transactions, such as importers and exporters, or those who send and receive remittances. These transactions are heavily dependent on the exchange rate, and any fluctuations can have a significant impact on the amount of money involved in these transactions.

The USD to PKR open market Currency rate is a frequently searched topic among forex experts, investors, and travelers alike, due to its rapid fluctuations. Keeping track of these changes can be crucial for anyone involved in foreign currency transactions. Fortunately, our website offers live open market Currency rates for a wide variety of currencies worldwide, including PKR to USD, SAR to PKR, AED to PKR, GBP to PKR, CAD to PKR, and many more. This enables our users to stay informed about the latest exchange rates and make informed decisions regarding their financial transactions.

The list of Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan today is given below.

Open Market

Currency Buying Selling
 Australian Dollar 187.5 189.9
 Bahrain Dinar 754.25 762.25
 Canadian Dollar 206.5 208.7
 China Yuan 41.16 41.56
 Danish Krone 41.49 41.89
 Euro 308 311
 Hong Kong Dollar 36.11 36.46
 Indian Rupee 3.45 3.56
 Japanese Yen 2.25 2.3
 Kuwaiti Dinar 924.86 933.86
 Malaysian Ringgit 64.14 64.74
 NewZealand $ 176.37 178.37
 Norwegians Krone 27.16 27.46
 Omani Riyal 736.57 744.57
 Qatari Riyal 77.87 78.57
 Saudi Riyal 75.5 76.5
 Singapore Dollar 209.5 211.5
 Swedish Korona 27.35 27.65
 Swiss Franc 310.26 312.76
 Thai Bhat 8.29 8.44
 U.A.E Dirham 77.2 77.9
 UK Pound Sterling 350.5 354
 US Dollar 283.7 286.5

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